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Skincare Services

Relaxing Treatments

Nourishing Facial $95.00/60 min
(Skin Evaluation / Cleanse /Steam / Massage /Extractions /Mask /Hydrate)
Signature Facial Therapy $150.00/90min
(Skin Evaluation /Cleanse/Steam/Enzyme Peel/Massage /Deep Pore Extractions/Mask/Hand Massage/Hydrate)
Royal Facial Therapy $175.00/120 min
(Same as our Signature Treatment with added benefits designed to customize the entire treatment according to your skin’s needs with ultrasonic exfoliation, Lymphatic and acculift-massage, deep pore cleaning ,customized mask, brightening serums and hand & foot reflexology, totally ultimate & relaxing).
Rejuvenation Facial w/ Micro-Current $175.00/90 min
(A non-invasive treatment designed to improve skin texture, firm your skin, minimize puffiness, blemishes and fine lines)Prepay series of 6 treatments- $150.00 each total $900.00 Prepay 2nd series 0f 6 treatments- $125.00 total $750.00
Clinical Treatments
Acne Detox Therapy $150.00/120 min
(Designed to detoxify Congested, Oily and Acne tic skin types. A program is designed to help your skin rid of toxins and bring it to a healthier state. A follow up visit is included).
Ultra-Sonic Exfoliation $95.00/60 min
An exfoliation process which utilizes ultrasonic wave lengths that exfoliate the superficial layers of dead skin cells. Other benefits :purifies and oxygenates the underlining layers of the skin, lightens and brightens the skin’s surface. This treatment is excellent for all skin types including Sensitive/ Roscea/ Oily/ Acne tic
Lymphatic Facial Drainage $95.00
A therapeutic manual method accomplished by gentle rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph movement. Improves circulation and detoxifies and is especially helpful for any swelling on the face, pre and post surgery, sinus, tooth swelling, acne, puffy eyes.
Add Micro-Current $125.00
Utilizes electrical micro-current to help facilitate lymph movement, improves circulation, tones and firms
Skin Brightening 3D-Therapy $175.00/90 min
A combination of ultrasonic exfoliation for clarifying and purifying, followed by a peel according to skin type and amount of pigmentation, proceeded by a soothing mask , then Led Light Therapy with brightening serum.This treatment requires a consultation to evaluate your skin’s needs, specific peels and proper maintenance.
Enzymes, Organic & Chemical Peels
All peels are infused with natural botanicals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
Superficial Peeling –Light Exfoliation
Organic Passion Peptide Peel $150.00
A non- chemical fruit peel that is infused with a blend of organic and medically effective ingredients like papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and mango designed to rebalance, regenerate and soothe tired, stressed and dull- looking skin.For all skin types including sensitive/irritated or pregnant
Moderate Peeling- Light/ Medium Exfoliation
Vitamin C Enzyme Peel $150.00
A Vitamin C resurfacing peel combined with AHA acids that are gentle yet highly effective active enzymes to help speed up cellular turnover to brighten, lighten and tighten your skin in just one treatment.For dry, dehydrated, oily/ acne/ tired/dull and smokers skin/ post micro-dermabrasion/post surgery.
Moderate Peeling- Light/ Medium Exfoliation
Glycolic / Retinol Wrinkle Lift Treatment $150.00
This ultra-resurfacing glycolic and retinol treatment exfoliates dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firmer and healthier. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.For sun damaged/ wrinkled/ tired / dull /uneven tone/ smokers and some oily acne skin types.
Moderate Peeling- Light/ Medium Exfoliation
Lactic / Kojic Lightening Lift Peel $150.00
This mega-lightening treatment gently blends Lactic acid and a cocktail of lightening agents to reduce sun spots, brown spots and redness caused by Roscea.For uneven pigmentation, roscea/ dry,dehydrated
Moderate Peeling- Light/Medium Exfoliation
Acne Beta Lift Treatment $150.00
A safe and outstanding resurfacing peel utilizing 20% Salicylic Acid that has a dual benefit to reduce and treat all kinds of Acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin after just one treatment. Used to calm the sebaceous glands and slow the production of oil. A combination of 20% Salicylic and Glycolic is also available for specific Acne conditions.For Oily/ Acne/ Mature Oily
*Advanced Peeling- Medium/Deep Exfoliation
Micro/Wrinkle Lift $175.00
*This treatment requires completion of our superficial and moderate peels to prepare the skin for deeper exfoliation. We combine a micro-dermabrasion with glycolic and retinol peel. For, moderate pigmentation disorders and severe aging.
Micro/Lightening Lift $175.00
This treatment combines our micro-dermabrasion treatment and folowed by a Lactic/ Kojic Resurfacing peel to help with Moderate to severe pigmentation.*Completion of Lightening Lift Peel series is mandatory.
Micro/Acne Lift $175.00
This treatment combines with our micro-dermabrasion treatment and followed by a Salicylic and Glycolic Peel to help with stubborn acne and post-inflammatory pigmentation.* Completion of Acne Beta lift series is mandatory.
Micro/ Organic Passion Peptide Peel $175.00
Suited for the Organic consumer that wants to achieve dramatic results with out any chemical acids to help improve the overall skin texture with natural and organic ingredients.* Completion of any Organic Passion peel series and proper condition of the skin is mandatory.
Nurtured Skin Therapy Treatments
Signature Facial Therapy $150.00
Designed to revitalize the skin with a thorough skin evaluation to personalize and address your skin’s needs followed by an exfoliation involving a fruit or herbal enzyme peel. A soothing and toning massage starting at the décolleté, neck and face focusing on your skin’s vital points to help drain excess fluid, to firm and tone your skin combined with steam to soften the pores for deep pore cleaning. A cooling process is applied followed by a calming, clarifying or firming mask. A hand massage with natural hydrating oils and warm mitts are also included. Your skin is left hydrated and glowing.
Acne Detox Therapy $150.00
This treatment is designed to detoxify the skin that is oily, congested and acnetic with blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules. A special detoxifying massage technique is applied with steam to help soften the pores and prepare it for deep extractions. A cooling process is then applied with a lymphatic technique to help calm and reduce swelling followed by a cooling mask and LED light therapy. This treatment usually takes about two hours and includes a follow-up. Home maintenance is crucial with this facial.
Royal Facial Therapy $175.00
Enjoy our ultimate facial treatment that combines most of the benefits of our signature facial with attention to detail according to your skin’s needs. After thorough skin analysis we start off with a natural peel according to your skin type and micro-sonic exfoliation process to improve skin texture, followed by an aromatic steam and deep facial massage for firming and toning. Deep pore cleaning is then performed followed by a hydration delivery system and cooling mask. The treatment is then completed with natural antioxidant serums and LED light therapy. A hand ,foot and ear reflexology is included with this treatment, leaving you totally relax and rejuvenated. This treatment is 2 hours.
Radiant Beauty $150.00
(Micro-Current & Therapeutic Light Therapy)
This treatment is a one of a kind rejuvenation treatment that helps to re-educate facial muscles, improves circulation, encourages Lymphatic drainage and addresses the underlying causes of visible aging. A unique, non-invasive, and holistic system that encourages a more youthful and glowing skin with the use of micro-current wavelength energy and therapeutic color therapy. This treatment can be a stand alone or incorporated with a facial. A series of 10 – 12 treatments is recommended.
Manueal Lymphatic Drainage
MLD -is a holistic treatment to help stimulate your lymphatic system to remove waste and excess fluid in the deeper layers of your skin. This allows for healthier fluids to enter your skin tissue thus promoting the healing and renewal process of your skin. This manual lymphatic drainage method was developed in Europe and is widely used by both medical and esthetic professionals. Excellent for pre and post surgery. Improves Face only $75.00
Face & body $150.00
Additional Services Available

  • Ear, Hand & Foot

Makeup Services

  • Makeup Application
  • Makeup Lessons
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Special Events


  • Brow Shaping
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