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Syneron Triniti

It has been said that three is a magical number. And even if they’re not superstitious, patients who have received the Triniti™ Skin Series treatment at our Boca Raton practice are believers. Triniti™ by Syneron is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment that uses three distinct skin care treatments in one easy session to help patients achieve youthful, radiant skin. If you’re bothered by signs of aging on your face, but unwilling to pursue cosmetic surgery, Triniti™ may be for you. Read more about this facial rejuvenation procedure below, and contact our practice at 561-393-6400 to schedule a consultation today.

What is Triniti™?

The Triniti™ Skin Series is a unique skin care regimen which combines three rejuvenation treatments into one office appointment. Created by leading global aesthetic device company Syneron, Triniti™ combats many telltale signs of aging, including discoloration, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and irregular skin texture. The results that Triniti™ is able to accomplish were previously only possible through more in-depth procedures such as facelift or browlift. Now, this unique facial rejuvenation treatment allows men and women to obtain bright, healthy and youthful-looking skin in as little as three treatment sessions.

The Triniti™ Procedure

Triniti™ Skin Series treatments are performed at Dr. Cabrera’s state-of-the-art plastic surgery practice in Boca Raton. Because Triniti™ is a pain-free, non-surgical procedure, no anesthesia is required. For patients with particularly sensitive skin, Dr. Cabrera may apply a topical numbing ointment to ensure comfort throughout the entire treatment. Triniti™ is broken into three distinct steps:

FotoFacial RF® Color Correction. During this portion of the procedure, Dr. Cabrera uses a special tool to emit gentle pulsed light and radiofrequency energy onto the skin. This stimulates the skin, resulting in the reduction of redness, brown spots and discoloration. It also contributes to the production of collagen, which works to smooth the skin’s texture and reduce wrinkles.

Refirme™ Wrinkle Reduction. The Refirme™ portion of the procedure targets sagging under the eyes and near brow lines, and works to reduce nasolabial folds and other moderate wrinkles. Refirme™ is an FDA-approved treatment that uses “elos technology,” a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy. This effectively stimulates the skin in a safe, pain-free way.

Matrix IR® Fractional Treatment. The third and final portion of the Triniti procedure focuses on reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture. Matrix IR® uses laser and radiofrequency energy to heat the deep layers of the skin, without damaging the outer layer of skin. This strengthens existing collagen and fosters the growth of new collagen cells. The end result is added volume and reduced wrinkles.

The entire Triniti treatment takes about one hour, with most patients requiring three to five treatment sessions, spread four weeks apart, in order to obtain optimal results.

Recovering from Triniti™

One of the greatest benefits of Triniti™ Skin Series is that it requires no post-procedure downtime. While many other facial rejuvenation treatments result in missed work, appointments or other engagements, Boca Raton Triniti™ patients never miss a beat. Some patients may experience some minor redness in the treated area that will subside quickly on its own.

Results from Triniti™ treatments are immediately noticeable and continue to improve in the weeks and months after the procedure, as collagen growth continues. Although the treatment cannot prevent the aging process altogether, it helps patients look youthful and refreshed.

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The professionals at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton are pleased to offer a range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options to help patients look and feel their best. They understand that surgical enhancement may not be for everyone, and are happy to offer alternatives such as the Triniti™ Skin Series so that patients can still get the results they desire. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment, contact their practice today at 561-393-6400.

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