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Tummy Tuck Boca Raton

For many people, losing those few extra pounds around the midsection can be much easier said than done. Despite healthy eating habits and exercise routines, it can be difficult to get the flat, sculpted tummy they desire. Abdominoplasty, more commonly referred to as tummy tuck, is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help patients trim their waistline and sculpt their silhouette. Skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Rafael Cabrera performs tummy tuck in Boca Raton who is pleased to help patients get the body they want and deserve.

More about Tummy Tuck in Boca Raton

Tummy tuck surgery is a comprehensive procedure which removes excess skin and fat from the stomach, while simultaneously tightening and firming the underlying muscle. This procedure is popular for patients who have stubborn areas of fat around their midsection that do not respond to diet or exercise. It is also common in patients who have recently given birth, lost a significant amount of weight, or whose skin elasticity has decreased as a result of aging. Boca Raton tummy tuck patients will find that the procedure changes not only their outward appearance, but also their overall self-confidence. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as thigh lift or liposuction for an even more comprehensive change to the physique. The cost of tummy tuck surgery in Boca Raton varies from patient to patient. Please contact our office for a personalized consultation.

Tummy Tuck Candidates

Abdominoplasty is ideal for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of excess fat or loose, hanging skin around the abdomen. Patients who are best suited for Boca Raton tummy tuck surgery include patients who:

  • Are in general good health
  • Are over the age of 18
  • Are close to their ideal weight / Do not plan on losing a lot of weight post-surgery
  • Do not plan on becoming pregnant
  • Have realistic expectations about surgery results

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Boca Raton

Abdominoplasty is a comprehensive procedure that is performed under general anesthesia to ensure the utmost patient safety and comfort. The procedure can last up to three hours, depending on the amount of skin and tissue that needs to be removed. A tummy tuck begins with an incision from hip to hip, just above the pubic area. Through this incision, Dr. Cabrera will remove excess fat and tissue, and carefully tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. The incision area is then closed and covered with garments. It is important to note that tummy tuck surgery does result in a scar across the length of the stomach; however, Dr. Cabrera will do everything he can to make this scar as minimal as possible. Patients who undergo abdominoplasty in Boca Raton will experience some discomfort in the days and weeks following treatment. Carefully following the post-surgery instructions provided by Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton will ensure a quick and safe recovery. Although the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, patients are encouraged to take advantage of our state-of-the-art overnight recovery suites. In addition, our practice is staffed with highly-trained recovery nurses who can accompany patients home. Patients will be asked to avoid rigorous activity for four to six weeks after treatment, but can resume routine tasks and light activity about 10 days after surgery.

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Even individuals who follow a strict diet and exercise regimen can find it difficult to get their abdomen as slim and tight as they’d like. Dr. Rafael Cabrera of Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton is pleased to offer abdominoplasty to patients who wish to enhance their figure. Contact the practice today to schedule a consultation and find out what tummy tuck surgery can do for you.

Plastic Surgery Specialists is a leading provider of cosmetic surgery in Boca Raton, offering advanced procedures for the face, body and breast. In addition to offering abdominoplasty, Dr. Cabrera is a skilled Boca Raton fat transfer, liposuction and thigh lift surgeon. He also provides facial plastic surgery and breast augmentation in Boca Raton.

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