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How Soon Can I Exercise after Plastic Surgery?

March 13, 2017

The Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton have performed a multitude of cosmetic treatments on thousands of patients — many of whom lead active lives. When to resume exercise after plastic surgery is a commonly discussed topic in our office. In this blog post, our plastic surgery specialists provide a timeline and discuss general guidelines for resuming exercise.

General Guidelines

Rest is crucial during the initial recovery period. During the first week or two of recovery, you are expected to avoid vigorous exercise and activities. Elevating your heart rate too soon and straining your body put both your long-term results and overall health at risk. Exercising too soon can lead to cosmetic effects including stretching of the skin and excess or unnatural scarring. Health risks include excessive bleeding and blood clotting. During the first two weeks of recovery, you should rest as much as possible in a comfortable position where you can relax your muscles and limit stress on your body.

We encourage patients to begin taking longer walks starting around the two-week mark. This allows your body to slowly build endurance. Most patients are able to resume their normal exercise routine somewhere between the three- to six-week mark. Some patients find that they can resume their normal exercise routine but at a modified pace. The goal is to ease back into exercise without straining your body.

Listen to Your Doctor’s Orders

It’s important to remember that each patient is different and so is their healing progress. Our team will closely monitor your recovery to ensure you are healing properly. Depending on your progress, we may recommend more time off from exercise. It is also important to pay close attention to your body. If you are experiencing any side effects or have any concerns during your recovery, please let us know right away. Our team is committed to maximizing the comfort and safety of your plastic surgery process.

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