waiting area
1 of 2 waiting areas

reception area
1 of 2 reception areas

Three fully-accredited operating rooms

exam room
1 of 4 exam rooms

overnight recovery room
fully equipped overnight/ recovery suite

We are proud of our surgical facility located in the heart of Boca Raton near Boca Raton Community Hospital. The accredited and licensed Surgicenter permits the implementation of various advanced amenities. Three new state-of-the-art operating rooms, recovery facilities, an intimate cosmetic waiting room and a private surgical waiting area are a few of the added features designed to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Updated technology, including electronic medical records, facilitates scheduling and further improves our ability to best accommodate patients’ busy schedules. A purely paperless system also increases patient security. Patients can feel confident that their information is protected and safeguarded; there is no open access, less chance of data loss or fire damage and far more privacy.

For out-of-town patients, we can help you select comfortable accommodations in our overnight recovery suite and guide you through all of the necessary arrangements to ensure a pleasant, stress-free experience.














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