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Ways to Burn More Calories Outside of the Gym

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Burn calories without the gymWhether you’re dealing with gym burnout, trying to supplement your exercise routine with non-gym activities, or not a gym rat in the first place, you’re in luck: There are many ways to burn calories without being confined by four walls and sweaty fitness equipment. In this post, Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton clues you in on ways to burn calories without a gym membership.

Get Outside

Break out of the gym mold and take your exercise out into the fresh air! How about joining a boot camp program at your local park or beach? You can also run around with the kids in the backyard or grab a Frisbee and walk to a nearby playground to play. Or, when summer rolls around, rent a stand-up paddleboard for you and your mate and spend a romantic evening together paddling into the sunset. You can also join a “mommy and me” stroller fitness club where you can spend quality time with your child and bond with other moms while at the same time squeezing in a workout before the chaos of the day ensues.

Just Dance

Taking dance classes at a dance studio is a great alternative to lifting weights or hitting the elliptical at your gym. A dance studio has a whole different energy than a gym; because at a studio, the emphasis is on creative expression and proper technique. You can take dance classes that include ballroom, ballet, swing, hip hop and tap. Plus, some dance studios offer dance-based fitness classes like Zumba, which burns an average of 600-800 calories an hour. Or just crank up your IPod at home and shimmy in the living room or kitchen. Have a pre- or post-dinner dance-off with the kids for family time that is healthy for everyone.

Walk or Cycle to Work

If you are able to commute to work by walking or biking, even part of the way, you’re ahead of the game for your daily calorie burn! A 30-minute walk burns an average of 70-140 calories, depending on your weight and walking pace. Take a brisk walk to work twice in a day and you can burn off that slice of pizza from the night before! And studies have found that, on average, bicycle commuters lose 13 pounds the first year they cycle to work. Added benefits of walking or cycling to work include kick-starting your metabolism for the day while avoiding the stress of sitting in traffic.

Try Something New

Your mind locks up when it’s bored, and your body is no different. If you’re finding that your regular gym routine isn’t cutting it anymore, and especially if you’re not seeing the results in your physique, this could mean that your body is used to what it’s doing and craves change. Feed the change monster by busting loose from your comfort zone! Here are a few examples of activities you might consider to freshen up your exercise routine:

  • Belly dancing
  • Geocaching
  • Rock climbing
  • Martial arts
  • Aerial fitness

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