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Archives for: December, 2012

How long do facelifts last???

December 18, 2012

Patients always ask ‘”how long do facelifts last?”. My answer is that you will ALWAYS look better! A recent study suggests just that… Face-lifts’ gains last years, study confirms More than 75% of patients who had a face-lift looked younger more than five years later than they did before surgery, according to a study in…Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

December 18, 2012

Another common question I hear is, “why do so many celebrities, who have enough money to have the best, have horrible cosmetic results?”. Well… there could be a multitude of factors driving that train… Possible factors could include: Patient selected a non-boarded plastic surgeon for their care, possibly resulting in low-quality work. Bad judgment by…Read the rest of this entry »

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