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ASPS Meeting in Boston

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

ASAPS in Boston May 2011
Just got back from the meeting and I was very excited to see good friends and honest colleagues sharing information for the good of our patients and our specialty. It really did make me proud to be a plastic surgeon.

Fat grafting has always been an important technique for rejuvenation. We have used it everywhere in the body but now the emphasis is shifting to large volume grafting allowing for breast augmentation and reconstruction with fat possibly avoiding implants altogether.  Other areas of interest for fat grafting are the buttocks, hands, as well as new areas of the face, like eyelids.
Interestingly, Smart Lipo was universally panned with very few MD’s willing to stand behind the marketing claims. In fact with Lipo it really is “Back to the Future” with the re-emphasis on the surgeon as opposed to the technique. I felt good about that because that has been my practice philosophy from the get go.  It is not what you remove but what you leave behind.  Many doctors related stories of complications, indentations, skin burns, poor results due to Smart Lipo use outside of Core physicians.  That’s bad news, but again this is another area where fat grafting comes to the rescue.
Another hot topic is the fat itself. Is it just fat, so called adipocytes, or is there something else, stem cells, stromal cells, growth factors, that accounts for it impressive array of attributes. Very active research is being done in this area but beware of the marketing getting ahead of the science. As always we will practice evidence based aethetics with safety and results always our priority.

– Rafael Cabrera, MD, FACS